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I got a couple of wonderful reminders, actually from online today, about a couple of attitudes which I’ve been trying to shift and are therefore weighing on me:

1) Mindful computer usage: I listen to the Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More while driving, and one that came on today was about “Focusing on the Computer.” It basically said what I had come up with as my goal: “plan ahead and don’t multitask!” Simple really. So why is it so hard? Day 2 of my plan went a bit better than Day 1, but I still didn’t write everything I did on the computer down before doing it… tomorrow I will begin again. Bit by bit. I was dissapointed in myself, and I can also recognize that my focus has improved, so that’s something to be proud of at least.

2) Planning European backpacking trip: I’ve been getting a bit nervous about my sister and I not knowing more about specifically where we’ll be going and staying while backpacking through Europe starting next week. While browsing a great independent travel magazine site, I came across a post about reasons to travel without a plan, which reminded me of the reasons why I deliberately did not want to plan this trip to the T. We have what I consider the essentials (flight tickets, student ID, Eurail pass, a general itinerary, pepperspray, a money belt, passports, money, cell phone, travel insurance, and backpacks), which I’ve slowly been organizing/buying over the last few weeks, and really the most essential thing  – an attitude of openness and curiosity to explore and experience all that we can – no amount of time or research or money will buy us anyway. So really I just have to breathe, relax, and get excited!