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Day 1 of creating a mindful relationship with internet

I definitely focused more while online today, but I didn’t  follow my plan of writing down everything I do. I think it’s because everything on the computer at least seems very fast-paced, especially with my very engrained habits like checking email or Facebook every once and awhile and dealing with any new tasks that emerge from those communications. That said, many tasks pop-up within email and Facebook, so perhaps those shall just be broad task categories with time-limits. Any task that comes up from an email that would take longer than my alloted email time will go on the to-do list.

I also did things that could have been considered superfluous, or not, like making a color scheme for the NOC (the nonprofit I work for) business cards I’ve had on my list of things to do for weeks. I thought, oh yes, this could be used for the website! But do I have time to redesign the website with this new color theme? I think not. I think I need to be even more specific with some of my computer tasks. For example, instead of “make NOC business cards,” which as I said, has been on my list of things to do forever, tomorrow I shall “make two themes, based on pre-existing cards found on VistaPrint which I considered buying, using the color scheme I found this morning, all in an hour max.”

We’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow I shall actually have a notebook by my computer all the time so I really can write everything down. (This idea of writing everything down – capturing – is definitely not my own to claim – it’s a big deal within productivity philosophies such as Zen to Done and the Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More.)

Oh, and I almost forgot my reward! For sticking with this plan (or however I continue to revise it) for the next five days (until I leave for Europe next Wednesday), I shall buy myself a new album on iTunes 🙂